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About Us

Two Rivers Running is a running shoe store and specialty store that provides products and services related to running and fitness.

We strive to provide several products that are from local and/or small business, and those that support healthy lifestyles. Our services will encompass a wide range of runner needs, from training programs to recovery modalities. We specialize in providing a personal touch to each customer’s ongoing running experience from the purchase of the best shoes for them, to crossing the finish line at their next race. The store promotes a healthy lifestyle and serves as a home base where all runners’ and walkers’ needs can be met – product, services, support, and community. The objective of Two Rivers Running shoe store is to build and support a community for runners and walkers of all levels and in all stages of their fitness journey.

Our Vision

To inspire people to achieve more than they think they can and to celebrate with them when they do.

Our Mission

To go the extra mile for our running shoe store customers so they can go the extra mile in any running or fitness goal they are pursuing. We accomplish this by providing exceptional knowledge, services, and support that nurtures the running and walking community.

Words to Live By at Two Rivers Running:

  • A mile is a mile.
  • Hills are your friends.
  • Pace is a number, not an adjective.
  • Safety first.
  • Listen to your body.
  • We are all athletes.
  • It’s more than the shoes.
  • When it rains, you get wet.
  • Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses.