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Neil Munson Runner of the Year

2022 Athlete of the Year

Neil Munson

The Two Rivers Running Athlete of the Year is someone who embodies our company vision: To inspire people to achieve more than they think they can and to celebrate with them when they do. This person is also someone who contributes his or her time to the running group and/or the community, represents Two Rivers Running at events, and supports other runners.

The athlete we are proud to recognize for the inaugural Two Rivers Running Athlete of the Year (2022) is Neil Munson. Not only is Neil a talented, consistent and hard-working runner, he also is one of the most encouraging and supportive people you will ever meet. He is the first one to ask how your run went, congratulate you for an accomplishment, or provide you with confidence-boosting words when your run didn’t go as planned.

Neil has been a top volunteer for Two Rivers Running; he has manned a table for us at a Das Rec event, he has been a “rabbit” at the Healthy Kids Running Series, he was one of the awesome people who built the invaluable water fountain in our front yard, he is on the store advisory committee, and he served as a pacer in the Two Rivers Half Marathon. He also does lots of small but super-helpful things, like taking the recycling bin to the curb, manning the store for us when we were out of town, and welcoming new runners to the group.

As one of the first runners to take part in our coaching program, he has excelled and has proved to be a model athlete. He follows the plan his coach gives him and has reaped the results. Neil has run a Personal Record in every distance since he started his coaching in 2021! The best part about it is that he completes all his races with a big smile on his face!

Please help us in congratulating Neil for a well-deserved recognition. If you are lucky enough to ever get to run a few easy miles with him or just hang out after a race or a group run, you will quickly realize why he is our Athlete of the Year.

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