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Experience our Store

Our running specialty store services encompass a wide range of runner needs, from training programs to recovery modalities.

We specialize in providing a personal touch to each customer’s ongoing running experience from the purchase of the best shoes for them, to crossing the finish line at their next race. We promote a healthy lifestyle and serve as a home base where all runners’ and walkers’ running specialty store needs can be met – product, services, support, and community.

Custom Shoe-Fitting

We will assess your needs, foot size and gait to find the right shoe for your needs. Test your shoes on our commercial-grade Boston Marathon treadmill in the store! No appointment needed.

3D Foot Scanner and Custom Insoles

Get a cool 3D view of your feet on our Foot Balance foot scanner! We can even make custom insoles for you in five minutes with no obligation to purchase them. Try them out in your new shoes or the ones you already own!

Where to Run

We have maps in the store of routes in a variety of distances. Check out our online maps here.

Post-Run Support

Start and end your runs at the store! We have a place for you to leave your keys, throw your sweaty shirt, and grab some cold water. Afterwards, hang out at our picnic tables for some great post-run conversation and maybe some pizza!


Nick is a certified running coach and can help you reach your goals, whether it is to complete a specific distance with a custom training plan, or monthly personal coaching to improve your overall fitness.

All Black Shoes

Several people in the service industry are required to wear all black shoes. We carry several comfortable and supportive shoes in all black.


Visit us at our running specialty store trailer at events around town – usually local races. Buy your favorite gear without leaving the race site!

Shoe donation bin

Are your shoes ready to be replaced? Drop ’em off in our collection bin! We are proud to partner with Sneakers4Funds, an organization who collects donated shoes and recycles them by giving them a second life with someone in need. Learn more about them here.

Nutrition Donation

Bring in the protein bars that you won’t eat from your race goody bags. We will collect them and donate to Alpha Multisport, a non-profit youth triathlon group.

Running library

We have books about running and runners. Bring your own to add to the pile. Check one out and bring it back when you are finished reading it.

Not a Runner?

Our shoes are for everyone! Walkers, runners, and people who need supportive and/or comfortable shoes.

Large sizes

We carry men’s shoes through size 16 and women’s through size 13. We also have wide shoes in most sizes.