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Inaugural group run for beginners and self-proclaimed “slow” people

Do you define yourself like this meme? Do you start every running conversation with “I’m slow”? This is the group run for you!

I hear people ALL THE TIME tell me that they don’t want to come to a group run for fear of being the “slow person.” Well, I have news for you – your slow is likely someone else’s fast, and there are SO MANY PEOPLE who feel this way. I always say if all these people showed up on the same night, they could meet each other. This is that night. Come on out on Thursday. The run will be up to 3 miles – the route will be set up so you can go 1, 2, or 3. Yes, walking is an option! We will have some cool refreshments for after the run. Feel free to bring watermelon or popsicles or something to make it a party. Dress for the weather and see ya then!


Jul 14 2022


6:00 pm


Two Rivers Running
1265 N Academy Ave. Suite 1101

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